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Stud MagnetT is ideal for the home improvement and picture hanging markets. The powerful 4" magnet features super strong neodymium magnets and is permanently magnetized. Stores neatly with a Magnetic ShieldT that prevents it from attracting other tools or nails in a tool box.

Stud MagnetT is easy to use and does not depend on batteries or mechanical parts. Simply remove the Magnetic ShieldT and move magnet across the wall's surface until it attracts to the hidden drywall screw or nail where the stud is located.

The magnet holds itself in place to mark the location. Use the notched end of the Stud MagnetT to set the nail. Attach a string with a small washer to the opposite end of the Stud MagnetT to create a plumb line for placing additional nails or screws in a straight line. 

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A. Part No. 07514 - Orange Stud MagnetT with lime shield, Price: $9.95

B. Part No. 07513 - Purple Stud MagnetT with lime shield, Price: $9.95
C. Part No. 07512 - Red Stud MagnetT with red shield, Price: $9.95

Remove Magnetic Shield and move magnet against wall to locate drywall screws and nails to locate studs.

Set nail in notched end for easy startup.

Attach string and use as a plumb line guide for additional nails or screws
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