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The Model MC-8000 Series Magnetizer is a high energy, capacitive discharge magnetizer capable of saturating Alnico, Ceramic and Rare Earth magnetic materials. A solid state electronic control circuit coupled with rugged, heavy duty discharge SCR's or ignitions and fixtures, make this magnetizer a highly reliable, low maintenance unit. The electronic voltage control circuit prevents discharging the Model MC-8000 before the preset energy level has been reached, avoiding incomplete magnet saturation. An easy to read front panel meter monitors the capacitor voltage at all times.

MC-8000 Magnetizer

  • Magnetizing power bank 8000 joules
  • Magnetizing power bank 17,000 amps
  • Charge time 5 Seconds
  • Voltage charge panel meter 0 to 1000 volts dc
  • Fully controlled charging voltage 150 TO 700 DC Volts
  • Electrical input requirements: 50/60 HZ 220VAC (110 VAC available)

  Dimensions approx.:
  • 20" x 26" x 34".
  • Stand 3-prong twist lock plug, 50 amps type
  • 4" Swivel caster wheels for easy moving

Choice of standard coil:

3" dia. x 4" for NdFeB 38
30,000 oersteds
OR 4" x 6" x 4" for Ceramic 8
9,000 oersteds

  Options (Added Cost):
  • Double the strength to total of 16,000 Joules
  • Custom coils per quotation request


Part # MC-8000                   Price: $9400.00


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